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Dr. Nita Luci is a lecturer at the Department of Anthropology and the conceptual Art Program, at the University of Prishtina. Her research focuses on topics of gender and manhood, ethnography of state, social movements, public art, memory and violence. She is the co-founder of the program for Gender Studies and Research at the Faculty of Philosophy, UP. She has participated and lead a number of national and international research, teaching, and publishing projects. She was a visiting scholar and fellow at the Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth. Her publications include: The Making of Citizenship Against Corruption in Kosovo: Protest, Lies, and the Public Good (2016), "Our Men Will Not Have Amnesia": Civil Engagement, Emancipation, and Gendered Public in Kosovo (With Linda Gusia, 2014); Un/welcomed Guests: Nato Intervention in Kosovo (2011), and much more.
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