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Balkan Society for Theory and Practice (BSTP) is an international academic organization based in Kosova. The goal of BSTP is to create a platform for critical research and academic and artistic collaboration in the Balkans. BSTP was founded in response to hierarchical academic workshops and conference and to the underrepresentation of Eastern Europe intellectual thought and revolutionary history. Thus, it draws attention to places traditionally deemed unphilosophical, as sites of theoretical and practical resistance. Since 2017, BSTP has created an international network of scholars, journalists, artists and activists by providing a space to exchange research, share resource to complete works in progress, and initiate collaborative projects.


Your support allows us to continue organizing our annual workshop held in Kosova. We thank you in advance for your contribution! 


Funding dedicated to supporting academic programs, particularly those focusing on the Balkans, are scarce. BSTP has been operating with personal investments from the organizers, participation fees (which differ based on access to organizational support), and a grant from Transform! Europe. Fees are used to cover  travel and accommodation costs of our speakers, none of whom receive an honorarium for their participation. Our annual workshop has gained the attention of more and more scholars, which has allowed us to expand upon the public lecture series portion of our program. This expansion, however, has increased our budget while, at the same time, our grants  have been reduced. Your financial support would allow BSTP to continue to bring international scholars to the Balkans for in-person lectures and seminars, which are free and open to the public.  


We ask that you consider donating $20, $50, $100, or $200 to BSTP to help cover the costs of the 2020 workshop. Those supporting BSTP will be recognized on our website, at the workshop, and in the program. 

Thank you! 

To donate, please click one of the following options: 

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